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I am a seller. We sold a  Credits Pack to the user but he says it has been used before

We need information
Login: zsc_hfxiaG4v

Information:card sn/ Date
plz help
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Hello, this login has never been used before, please check it again, maybe some technical issues have occurred.
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What is your login as a seller?

 This login has never been used and has never performed any operations before, but someone has attached it to the card. 

bro plz sn card
You did not answer the question about the seller's login and the serial number of the user's card with which the problem arose.

It is associated with the card with serial number AA***1D0.
I have a request from you
I want the date of this serial number AA***1D0

Has complained
I just need the date when it was used
plz help
Sorry, but you have not provided any personal data and want to know details and information that helps to identify whether the user is a card/account owner.