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hello friends
I have a Z3X box and I'm testing it.
I have my samsung galaxy s7 secure patch u7 is it possible to remove FRP?
Regards Michal
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Hello. What model you have: g930f, g930u, etc??? Need to know model to give correct answer.
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hello thanks for the answer,
my samsung model G930FXXU7ETA9

I learn  my self .
I tried dongle: Miracle frp, EFT and Octopus I also have a Z3X box without samsung sucrybcion
Is it possible to make a UART for microusb on USB?
Am I doing something wrong?
thank you for your help, I will thank you, Michal
For use UART method you need com-port interface. It can be any box with samsung uart cable. You can do own com with pl2303 ic. Simle: https://cxem.net/comp/comp206.php
it is posible remove FRP samsung model G930FXXU7ETA9 ?
I am glad that there are people who want to help
it is posible remove FRP samsung model G930FXXU7ETA9 ?Are you testing ?because I have problem ,Samsung Z3X has supoport for my  G930FXXU7ETA9 ?
I dont test this by own. I found sucsess report only for u5. So i cant tell 100%, sorry :(