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my pssword stop working,
how i can reset pasword?
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Hello. Attach please your card serial and old login.
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Ok, please provide logs of operations (A750f and a505fn) and time when this operations were maded.

Wait ... whose is this THIS CARD AAB775**? 

What can I do? 

 I have the purchase invoice and all the proof !!

You have asked for access to the account zsc_Qx6fYRo9 and indicated Card SN - FF76C90.

1. As proof of your work with this account, you have added logs:
Model: SM-A750FN
IMEI: 353776105101065

These logs are indeed the result of using Card SN - FF76C90, but with a different account (zsc_1tk5H0jG)

2. You said that you only have one card SN - FF76C90. But the account zsc_Qx6fYRo9 has never been used with it.
3. You claim to have used the account zsc_Qx6fYRo9 and made SM-A750F & A505FN models with it. But unfortunately you do not provide logs of A505F that was maded with this account.

At the moment the account zsc_Qx6fYRo9 is linked to the card AAB775 ** which was used for the first time. No other card has had any operations on the server with the account in question.

Unfortunately, you did not provide any proof that the account belongs to you except for the invoice photo.
In this case we cannot help you, you need contact your reseller or try to remember who can be owner of this card, may be once you share your account him.

The zsc_Qx6fYRo9 account is currently linked to the first used AAB775 ** card. No other card had server operations with the account in question.
Can you reset my user password zsc_Qx6fYRo9?
I have the code for this user- zsc_Qx6fYRo9 (841y****), but probably someone stole my user.
Or check which country uses the AAB775 ** card. Because mine has no idea who it is !!!

This login first was used with another card (AAB775 ** ). According to the team rules, the account belongs to the card with which the first operation was made on the server. We cannot reset password, because this account used with other card , so we cannot be sure that its your account.