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Hi, I just bought z3x dongle and apparently I am banned since I can not download anything or connect to the server, how can I remove the ban?
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IP can be banned because of using a cracked version on that IP before, or other problems on the user side, like:

  • the problem in shared IP (better to have dedicated IP address)
  • check your firewall settings, gateway settings, etc
  • try a different connection and/or a different PC
If you can download via VPN or Proxy then your original IP is banned.

Please, provide your public IP from this link 

and we will unban your IP as soon as possible.

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  • Your Public IPv4 is:
  • Your IPv6 is: Not Detected

  • Location: Morelia, MIC MX 
  • ISP: Mega Cable S.A. de C.V.
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Your IP is now unbanned
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