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Привет. Помогите мне решить мою проблему с активацией! Samsung Samsung Tool Pro когда я пытаюсь запустить Samsung Tool Pro, я вижу надпись-Продукт не активирован в этой карте, старые версии samsung также не работают и lg-tool работает без проблем ! На другом компьютере он тоже не работает, я пробовал форсировать обновление программы Card - это тоже не помогло.
card sn-00##### #
реселлер - фрактализатор
карта активирована 2010-03-01
lg tool - активирована 2010-06-08
samsung tool pro активирована 2010-06-08
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Hello, Attach please your card serial. Also do you try press in shell "add activations" and "repair dead card" buttons?
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good afternoon. the serial number of the card is 00020df2. in shell, I tried to restore the card as dead according to the instructions , the firmware was successful and after the button - add activation became active, I clicked add and the program wrote-ok added. after that, I tried to run Samsung pro, but I saw that nothing had changed.
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good evening. the ip address of the house is On the home computer there are firmware files for Samsung A750FNXXU5CTK1, in the archive properties there is a change date-December 26, 2020, 23: 27: 17 , I most likely downloaded these files on this day through the shell using an old card that then failed. I'll write you the IP address of my work computer tomorrow when I'm at work .
ip address на работе.
Hello again. Activations lg and sams_pro transferred from 00020DF2 to AAC7BC8F.
hello. Yes, I saw it. I went to the shell and added activations, activations were added to the map. But nothing has changed, an attempt to launch Samsung pro and again says that the product is not activated in this map ! I erased the Samsung pro folder , downloaded the latest version via shell , re-installed it, but nothing changes. z3x jtag works as before and samsung does not work as before.
Hello. Its very strange case. Send me in pm your whatsap number and anydesk id. I will connect now and check.