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I can buy used programmer and key. how to check the card? how to check activation?  how to check what is on the account of the activation key? and should there be loans or not?

Могу купить пользованый программатор z3x lite  с картой активации. как проверить ключ и должны ли на нем быть кредиты? хозяин говорит что активирован только jtag
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Hello. First of all, easy jtag software dont use credits for any operations. Also:

1. We can check this card for block. But owner can block it via reseller in future.

2. Account not included to software, you need to buy it, then you can use it with samsung or lg tool if you activate them in future.

3. Exectly what device you want to buy?

In any case, we strongly reccomend buy our products only from official resellers to avoid any problems.
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I want to buy Easy Jtag plus box with activation in Ukraine. or a seller with aliexpress. Thank you

For example. Or if you need to work with ufs, better buy easy jtag box and ufs socket separately.