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hello sir, i have bought lg activation some weeks ago because of i found that some mtk cpu support . but there is no new cpu supprts anymore and no latest update . if no updates for lg tool in future then waste of money bescuas no more lg moblie. please update lg tool module for MTK, QCOM , SPD or add other feature. there is only old model mobile support. hope lg tool give updates in future. Thank You.
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Thanks for report. We adding new models mostly with every update.
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Please, keep updating this tool. also add other feture cpu based new model MI,VIVO, HUAWEI, Nokia and more
This program developed for servicing LG phones. If you need to service other brands, read about z3x samsung tool, z3x easy jtag and z3x pandora.
i have z3x sam and LG . will buy jtag soon. but pandora need its special hardware is problem. if it is possible to activate with z3x box and use without box. it could be great .
Pandora has own unique interface for connection with phones, so it's impossible, because its hardware solution.