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hello it works how the credits? what is it used for ? and when we order the "Z3X Box Samsung Edition (Pro Active)" we have credits with?  froncer les sourcils

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Credits using only for read network codes on new kind of phones. At this time it's about 550 (like s8, s9, s10...) of total 2400 new models.

You can check credit using for any model at this page - https://z3x-team.com/check-your-phone/ 


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last question.  how to put the credit I bought on my account? and where I see them? ^^

You buy new login/password pair or refill existing.

Here is reseller list - https://support.z3x-team.com/63/how-do-i-get-my-username-and-password-to-unlock-a-samsung-note?show=64#a64

any last question x).  the unlock code it gives us it?  in the software?  or just put in the phone when he asks us for the password?
Unlock code you should put in еру phone. Software also provide Freeze Code that should be entered in the same field but before Net code. It required when Net code was entered not correctly few times
Ok thanks  :D