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I've been trying with or without vpn and it doesn't work out
Operation: Unlock
Selected model: SM-G530T
Software version: 37.0

Checking Login and Password... Listo
Ballance: 30 crd.
You have 30 credit(s) left. This operation takes 8 credits.Continue? Si
Waiting ADB device... Listo
Leyendo información del teléfono ...
Modelo: SM-G530T
Android version: 5.1.1
PDA version: G530TUVS2AQA2
CSC version: G530TTMB2AQA2
Versión del telefono: G530TUVS2AQA2
Código del Producto: SM2G530TZAWTMB
Código de país CSC: USA
Código de Venta CSC: TMB
Phone SN: R28GC1GH6TH
HW version: REV0.1
RF cal date: 2015.08.06
Chip name: MSM8916
Módem: MSM8916
Security patch: 2017-01-01
Boot Warranty bit: 1
Verificando derecho de Super Usuario... verdadero
Waiting for device to become ready... Listo
Initialization zTool... Listo
Running zTool, please wait... Listo
Lectura de datos desde el teléfono ... Listo
Rebooting to upload... Listo
Searching Ramdump interface... COM18 detected
Lectura de datos desde el teléfono ... Listo
Calculando... Listo
Buscando servidor... Listo
Waiting for server answer... error (1)
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Please, provide your public IP from this link  

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thank you for your answer sir, i'm really desperate i don't know what else to do:
Your Public IPv4 is:
Your IPv6 is: Not Detected
Your Local IP is:
Location: Bejucal, 16 CU
Your IP address is not included in the ban list.

Try to use another computer or internet provider, check the firewall settings.
I already tested on several laptops, without active firewall, and in Cuba there is only one internet provider, reinstall the samsung tool software, nothing sr
Try flashing a newer firmware such as G530TUVS2AQE3