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Hello, I purchased 30 credits to unlock my LG K500um and i selected both K500um and K500um (spr) on the tool and after failing twice the 3rd time it finally unlocked it but I was not able to change my APN settings when using my AT&t sim card.  I activated the phone on boost (on my girlfriends account) to see if this reset something so I could add an APN (to use with my AT&t service) but it now relocked the phone back to boost so now it says "invalid" sim when i put my AT&t card in.


What is proper solution for complete unlock so I can change my APN after?  Im out 30 creidts and still locked device...
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Hello. Refunded. You need to choose K500UM spr. After unlock try to reset phone settings. Also we have this phone in hands and internet working well after unlock with different carriers.
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I have the same problem I need help