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sir my card number is 00039522

i purchased 30 credits under id talwaria from gsmunlockspot



by mistake i link it with my friend card

whos card lost

i cant use that now plz remove that restrction thx

details r in the attachments

but whwere to send my confirmation or pics

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But your friend`s "lost card" was used today for download file from our support
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since the card is lost i already said

someone is using that as u said

but i have usename and password with me

so he cant use that credits

officially i got from gsmunlockspot ur reseller

i am not that rich to afford such amount

i hav e the full rights to use that

i am sending screenshot

its a humble request from me to save 2410 rs or 35$

I can`t see the date of refill, screenshot is too small

here is bigger size screenshot

Now unlinked
still same warning sir

login attached to diffrent card
Because linked again. I sent you new password to PM