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I watched all the tutorials and installed all the drivers.
I connected the box with its cable and connected a device with a TYPE-C cable connected to the box.
When I run the software, the device does not detect ADB connections and it hangs until I need to restart.
What am I doing wrong?
The device seems to be connected when I open the CHIMERA TOOL software
Just not in the Samsung Pro Tool software

please help me

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Hello. What phone do you have? You mean that software freezes when you triyng to connect adb? Or software cannot find adb device?
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I try a few devices

It doesn't matter what I'm plugged in.

The software stuck  And can't find any device connected on ADB

After the software freezes I have to restart it again

But the problem doesn't disappear
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Pm me with whatsap number and anydesk id.
I just sent you, Thanks!