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The trot I get. this the error message I get, anyone else getting this?

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Hello. After this you need to allow adb on phone. 

Enabling USB Debugging on an Android Device

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So I enable usb debugging an connect the phone, I click always allow and I still get that error message. I even try with a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge the result the same, I reinstalled my windows 10 this morning redone load and update all drivers install the latest adb drivers an it's the same.
The screenshot I sent is after I enable debugging on my phone then connect it to the computer.
You installed latest 42.11 version?
In my initial first comment v42.11 is what I was using, I reinstalled my windows 10 I'm not using v42.10 an I'm still getting that error.
I've tried v39 and v42.9 it's the same error message, plus lower version don't support the phones I'm trying.
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i dont see any anydesk id in pm from you :) And this number not avaible in whatsap.
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