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Just bought a new box activation successful but when I try to download files it tells me you are not logged in.
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Please, provide your public IP from this link  

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done but yet same problem
I need to know your public IP address to see if it is not in the ban list.  

Post it here.
  • Your Local IP is:
  • Your Public IPv4 is:
  • Your IPv6 is: Not Detected

  • Location: Abuja, FC NG 
  • ISP: MTN Nigeria Communication Limited

Your IP address is not included in the ban list.

Try to use another computer or internet provider, check the firewall settings.

Here is a short description of a problem similar to yours.

Have used another computer and another internet provider.
Please, post your logs. Did you get  "server error wrong login/password" message?

Maybe you tried to use new solutions - operations with phones for which you need to authorize on the server & have an account with credits on it.

Starting from version 37, Samsung tool can repair IMEI and make some other operations through the server. So, you require the account with credits on it. The number of credits on the account does not matter for repair IMEI because it's free - credits will not be charged.
Without this, you won't be able to use these new solutions.