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where should we enter these 2 codes?


because I only have the choice to use a Google Account or use the current password on the device, and I do not know .ind├ęcision


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The phone is blocked by a google account and the code you have is a code for the network so you will not be able to use it at this stage.

If you know the password of the gmail account in place put there, otherwise you can start the process of Reset FRP

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what is the use of seeing codes then ? xD
As I already explained this code is used to unblock the network of the telephone outside you have a problem related to the account of the former user, on this it is necessary to make a RESET FRP, either with the ADB mode or by using a combination


You can give me the picture of your phone in Download mode so that I help you

Well, there is not much information xD

Recovery mode give a picture bro

oh ok. here is the recovery




first flash combination after this enable adb mode use this code *#0808# choose dm+adb+xxxxxx

enter in download mode and flash A600FNXXU3ARH3_xxxxxxxxxx : all file except CSC

I did except that I have an error that tells me:

Reading PIT from phone... error

and I try the code *#0808# but it does not show anything... sad


eh it's normal that without the S3X PRO the flash works? indecision

Firstly flash combinasison file bro

reread what I had prescribed and you will see that you did not respect as it should the steps it is computer my brother is logical so if you must respect as indicate the steps if you want to have a desired result.