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İ need help you

my credit account is zsc_beG24tPI
Card SN: ​AA65-52D0

Account and box I have been using for 2 years
started giving this error after the last update

Hello. Seems like owner attached account to card. You need to resolve this issue with owner or seller who saled this account to you


How can I contact the z3x owner? is there anyone who can guide me?


Can you help me
This account can't be locked with this card because other cards have made their first operaiton on it
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Good morning. We cannot share private data of our customers. As our employee told before, also we cannot deattach your account from someone else's card, because user that use this account first time (owner) attached it to his card. You should contact your seller or with account owner (if you know who is it).
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Tell the truth i see my problem is very different and i cant get help and i am a victim
the account is mine and the card sn is mine
I've been using it for 2 years, you can see it in my account history
now why am i getting this error after the last update

If it gave this error on the first day I bought the card, you were right, but after 2 years, this error seems strange to me.

and i am looking for a z3x owner to help me with this
Yes, you have used it for 2 years. But someone have repaired 8 phones a day before your first use. And this message was shown to you before but only once becouse it's annoying information and you have nothing to do with it if you are the owner of the first card. So if you have any other card then post here the SN and I'll check it. If not - use all credits and buy new login. It's the same price as refill this one.

P.S. and yes, you are both from Turkey
Card SN: ​AA65-52D0
account is zsc_beG24tPI
these are card SN and my account only have these
Actually, the problem is that the card and the account do not match, I am the owner of both.
I don't understand why these two things that were mapped before are giving this error now
Doesn't it have to be given several times in 2 years?
and I've been using them for 2 years and it didn't give me an error
I see that there is a z3x error here because when I first got the account it should have given this error then I could contact the account seller, not after 2 years
I didn't get an error with the account and box even though I used it that much, I don't know why I'm getting this error now
It's not error just notification. You can ignore it and use this account as usual. Best solution for you it's empty the account and buy new one
I am a victim here and I am asked to get an account again, I am also asked to pay a fee for this.
I am asked to ignore the error, but when I patch with the box, I get a server error this time, so I have already contacted you