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A week ago I started having problems with my z3x. first the samsung tool pro gave error program damaged. I tried to fix it by reinstalling the software but it was still the same so I formatted the PC. install everything again. Now I open the shell. shell is updated

but I can't download anything from the shell. I double click on samsung tool pro version 37 but I don't download it, no error or anything appears. does nothing .cant download any version or any software


I tried changing ip too but my problem was not solved

 help please


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You may need to check your firewall settings, gateway settings, etc.

This may be an ISP (internet service provider) side problem, not the z3x server.  Wait until your provider update / restart server, or you can inform your ISP about it.
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hi. thats not the problem. i just try the z3x on other pc and other wifi . and cant download anything..

edit: i fix it opening samsung tool  and shell at the same time

and click on repair dead card . update firmware

I can try to fix it using TeamViewer. Provide your ID and Password to private messages
Is the problem solved