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Is there support for repair imei A205F u10.?
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Hello. Unfortunately, not supported.
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Too bad there is no imei A205F u10 repair support, that also makes me unable to access tiny fishing

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A226B U6 is supported for repair and patch?
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Still Samsung A20 A205f U10 imei repair and patch not working chimera team please look at this model

Android Version: 10 [QP1A.190711.020] [SDK 29]
Build Date: Wed Mar 3 17:03:50 KST 2021
PDA Version: A205FXXSABUC1 [march 2021, rev1]
Phone Version: A205FDDSABUC1 [march 2021, rev1]
CSC Version: A205FODMABUC1 [march 2021, rev1]
Product Code: INS slope unblocked

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