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any problem? i cant add crdits or unlock any device even i use vpn connection , please help



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this may be an ISP (internet service provider) side problem, not the z3x server.  Wait until your provider update / restart the server, or you can inform your ISP about it.
Try to use another computer and another provider.

May need to check your firewall settings, gateway settings, etc.

Also, make sure that the drivers are installed correctly and the card is connected.
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I changed the pc and i changer the isp nothing better happened 

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any update please
Your IP is not banned, neither is the card (03.11 you downloaded files from the server).

There is all ok from the server side.

 Have you used another provider or just vpn?

Well sir i moved my pc to different isp nothing changed .


I just use another vpn app and seems the problem fixed, now I really appreciate your assistance and help and sorry for my bad English, be safe.