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eMMc tool suite version shows all dots green even without the IC in the socket. What would be the problem?

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Hello. Check with other socket to be sure its socket or box problem.
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Checked only the box without the red socket. It shows dots in red color. I think the box is ok.


So change socket in this case if you sure that box is ok.

And I checked with only the base plugged into the box. Again it showed green dots. I think this red color base has a problem. See the photo.


Please help me with this. I recently purchased this item. Not even one month now.
Ask seller for warranty repair/exchange.

I contacted the seller. They said if I see R50 is on the board as in the photo, no problem. I see R50 on the board. But the same problem. Your software shows dots green even without any IC connected. Check the photo. I noticed this fault occurs only when the easy EMMC port is connected. The other 3ports seem working correctly.